What To Expect

Audience Prep

Looking to be inspired, provoked and challenged? Are you ready to exchange ideas with other passionate thinkers, makers and dreamers across disciplines? What began as a conversation at a local coffee shop has turned into a day-long celebration of the dynamic people who live and work in Philadelphia. We are genuinely excited to be sharing TEDxPhilly with you at the Kimmel Center on November 18. It's only a couple days away!

Below are some helpful tips and guidelines to prepare you for the event.

Tips & Guidelines

  1. 1. Arrive Fully Fueled & Rested

    All attendees are required to sleep at least 8 hours before showing up for the TEDxPhilly event. Joking of course! When we say a day-long event, we mean a day-long event. Between the main stage, the second stage, the conversations you will be engaging in with new people, and the reception, you'll want to be fully fueled. So eat breakfast, dress comfortably, and arrive prepared to take on a mind-expanding day.

  2. 2. Check-In by 9:00AM

    TEDxPhilly is sold out completely. The theater will be filled to the brim with close to 600 people. Plan to check in by 9:00AM in order to register with the volunteers, explore the lobby and find a seat before the program opens.

  3. 3. Prepare Yourself for a Digital Detox

    For the sake of the live audience and the video production team that will be recording the event, we ask that you leave your digital devices (mobile phones, computers, iPads, etc.) at home, in your car, or out of sight/mind — meaning, turn them off completely before you enter the theater and while you are at your seat. Even the glow of your screen and the pressing of buttons can be distracting. We want to ensure that everyone is fully present. We hope that you will respect your neighbors and our speakers. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

    As a reminder, the content that you see at TEDxPhilly will be available online after the event, so don’t fret if you can’t capture it digitally the day of. In your printed program, we will provide you with note-taking space in case you want to record interesting points from speakers or audience members throughout the day.


TEDxPhilly Program Schedule

8:00AM to 9:30AM: Registration; Music by Carlos Santiago
9:30AM to 11AM: Session One — Systems & Society
11:00AM to 11:30AM: Break; Music by Dallas Vietty's Musette Project
11:30AM to 12:50AM: Session Two — Culture & Meaning
1:00PM to 2:30PM: Lunch; Music from Gina Ferrera, Cheap Dinosaurs and Electricity for Progress
2:30PM to 3:45PM: Session Three — Incredible Machines
3:45PM to 4:15PM: Break; Music by Philadelphia Youth Orchestra
4:15PM to 5:30PM: Session Four — Between the Ears
6:00PM to 8:30PM: Reception @ University of the Arts; DJ set by Pink Skull

  1. 1. About the Program

    A detailed schedule will be provided to you in your printed program at the TEDxPhilly event. In the meantime here are a few points to be aware of: The main stage program has been broken up into four sessions under the theme: Right Here, Right Now. There will be three breaks throughout the day. On the breaks, a variety of musicians will be performing in the plaza outside of the theater.

    Please note: If you choose to leave the theater during a session, you will not be able to get back into the theater until that session is over. There will be a livestream in the plaza outside the theater, so you won’t miss anything.

  2. 2. Doors Open at 8:00AM / Program Begins at 9:30AM Sharp

    The doors to the Kimmel Center will open at 8:00AM to the public. There will be close to 600 people registering, retrieving their name badges and locating their seats. Again, we encourage everyone to arrive well before the 9:30AM start time.

    • WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: When you purchased your ticket, The Kimmel Center sent you a confirmation. Please bring that confirmation ticket with you so that you can move quickly through the registration line.

    • REGISTRATION: When you enter the Kimmel Center, volunteers will direct you to the registration table. There, you will receive a name badge + lanyard + printed program. Your unique name badge will allow you to come and go as you please during the event and reception.

    Transportation and parking information can be found here, but feel free to ride your bikes to the event!

  3. 3. Eat & Drink

    We've lined up a street full of food trucks to serve morning coffee, tea and snacks because what would a Philadelphia celebration be without some of the best local foodies? From Melange Tea Cart and Mojo Gourmet Coffee during the day to Honest Tom's Taco Truck and Sugar Philly in the evening, all will be serving up their goodies to you by cash purchase - roadside. They will be located on Broad Street between Spruce and Pine Streets. You can also find a variety of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants near The Kimmel Center. Most dietary needs will be covered by the array of food options, but if you need advice, ask a volunteer at the registration table.

  4. 4. TEDxPhilly Reception @ University of the Arts

    After TEDxPhilly ends at 5:30 PM, join us next door at the University of the Arts. Volunteers will be on the sidewalk to direct you –– keep your badge visible. Join us for food and drink, a DJ set from Pink Skull and visuals from Interpret Green. Plus great conversation, connection and decompression from the day.

    Important: After 7:00PM, Broad Street between Sansom and Locust will be closed to car traffic for a film shoot. If you’re driving in, park below Locust Street for a hassle-free exit from the TEDxPhilly reception.

  5. 5. Watch TEDxPhilly via a LiveStream or Attend a Viewing Party

    Have friends who couldn’t be here? They can watch the live stream at: http://www.tedxphilly.com.

    Or watch with a group at one of our public streams, at:

  6. 6. We are Happy to Help

    If you need something, feel free to ask a TEDxPhilly team member. Our volunteers will be easy to spot with TEDxPhilly t-shirts. You can also reach us at info@tedxphilly.com.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!