TEDxPhilly Videos

Session 1: Systems and Society

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowitz

Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz fires up the TEDxPhilly crowd with an emotive opening to the day. Using her poetry, experiences working in a cubicle and art, Aptowicz encourages audience members to chase their most ambitious dreams. "Just be there," she says. "Don't worry about your genius."

Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann introduces a revolutionary idea in education: Encourage learning by allowing students to do things they are good at instead of restricting them. While that may sound elementary, Lehmann's speech carves out an innovative way to teach students success so they will strive for success in the post-graduate world.

Nic Esposito

How do you sow the seeds of change? Nic Esposito speaks emphatically to the audience at TEDxPhilly about Urban Farming happening "Right here, right now". Nic has set up community gardens in West Philadelphia, where residents take control of their own food security and local economy through the production and sale of agriculture.

Jay Coen Gilbert

Jay Coen Gilbert shares his vision to harness the power of business to solve society's problems through B Corporations -- a new standard labeling socially and environmentally responsible companies. B Corps will help corporations be profitable while solving society's problems.

Session 2: Culture and Meaning

Stanford Thompson

Stanford Thompson speaks about the importance of after school programs and how music serves as a vehicle for social change. See Stanford's students come on stage for a string performance that reduces the crowd to tears.

Tanya Hamilton

TEDxPhilly receives a behind-the-scenes look at Tanya Hamilton's highly anticipated December release, Night Catches Us. Hamilton explains the connection between her rearing and the movie's setting.

Zoe Strauss

Once a year, for the past 10 years, Zoe Strauss turned the space under 95 South into an art gallery. Hear Strauss share inspiring stories of how personal history and community history shape her art.

Michael Solomonov

Michael Solomonov shares his journey from a childhood in Pittsburgh, a stop in Israel, and to present day, where he is creating very successful restaurants in Philadelphia.

Session 3: Incredible Machines

Simon Hauger

Simon Hauger founded the Hybrid X Team at West Philadelphia High School, inspiring students to build multiple hybrid cars that beat most professional teams’ mpgs. The West Philadelphia High School team has introduced their work to the auto industry, the president, and the highest ranking rocket scientist in the country. Their story is an inspirational one.

Robert J. Moore

Robert J. Moore will astonish you with how much data is being created. He stresses the importance of organizing and analyzing the insane amount of data we now have

Evan Malone

Exposing how innovators in STEM are being sent oversees after graduation, Evan Malone offers suggestions and policy reform that can help keep these bright minds in America.

Bill Covaleski

Outlining the explosion of craft beer in the United States, Bill Covaleski explains how there is now no place for standard supermarket white bread in the beer world.

Billie Faircloth

As an object in a hardware store a 2x4 may seem mundane. Billie Faircloth, however, reveals the significance of this basic construction supply’s creation and use, illustrating the complexity of architectural design.

Session 4: Between the Ears

Iyad Obeid

Dive into the inner workings of the brain as Iyad Obeid explains how brain waves can be mapped and then used to control prosthetic limbs. Obeid brings up the possibility that in the future, mass storage devices and other tools could be used in human brains.

Stephen Powers

Stephen Powers explains how his local graffiti roots influenced A Love Letter for You, an ambitious series of 50 murals in West Philadelphia. Powers presents photos and stories from a similar community project spawned in Brazil.

Ursula Rucker

After incredible talks discussing ideas of all kinds, TEDxPhilly was punctuated with a message that threaded through the day: Do your thing. Ursula Rucker performed a few of her pieces and left the crowd craving more TEDxPhilly.